The Collab of Exxus and Ccell: Introducing the Palm Pro, Rizo, and M3b

Jun 5, 2023by Julianne Bautista

The Exxus + CCell Collab with Exxus Rizo, Palm Pro and M3BExperience an elevated oil cartridge experience with the collaboration of Exxus and Ccell, bringing you exceptional Palm Pro, Rizo, and M3b vaporizers! These brand-new devices combine the expertise and innovation of two prominent vape industry leaders, delivering your sessions a new level of vaping satisfaction. With their universal 510-thread compatibility, the Palm Pro, Rizo, and M3b are designed to fit a wide range of oil cartridges. Prepare for enhanced performance and exquisite flavor, and take your oil cartridge sessions to the next level with the Palm Pro, Rizo, and M3b vaporizers.

Exxus Palm Pro collection in front of purple studio background

Palm Pro

The Exxus Vape Palm Pro Vaporizer is a collaboration between Exxus Vape and Ccell. This discreetly designed vaporizer offers a comfortable fit in your hand thanks to its compact and ergonomic build.

With features like auto-draw activation, a magnetic 510-thread connection, adjustable airflow control, and three voltage settings (2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V), the Palm Pro ensures a convenient vaping experience. It also includes a 10-second preheat mode for optimal performance. The device boasts a sleek design with a simple power button, airflow collar, and temperature indicator. It is powered by a 500mAh battery and comes with a Type-C cable for easy charging.

Man holding Exxus Rizo in front of teal studio background


Try out your favorite oil cartridge with the Exxus Rizo Vaporizer! This groundbreaking device is perfect for portable sessions, as it is only 2 inches in height and an inch in width. The Rizo has a hidden opening on the bottom of the device, showcasing adjustable voltage settings ranging from high (3.3V) to low (2.8V). With a user-friendly 3-bar LED indicator and a delightful haptic feedback feature, each puff you take will be a satisfying and immersive journey.

Exxus M3B Cartridge Vaporizer


The Exxus Vape M3B Cartridge Vaporizer is a sleek, portable device waiting to enhance your oil sessions. Its exterior features a slim, convenient design and a simple one-button operation to offer a user-friendly experience. The M3b is powered by a 350mAh battery and can be easily charged using a micro USB port. It also features three adjustable voltage settings (2.8V-blue, 3.2V-yellow, 3.6V-green) and a child-proof lock mechanism for added safety.

Get a feel of a new vibe with your oil cartridges using the innovative Palm Pro, Rizo and M3b vaporizers! These compact and stylish devices offer a premium vaping experience to brighten your sessions. The Palm Pro, Rizo, and M3b will leave you amazed with their high-performance capabilities and top-notch quality. Don't miss out on exploring more of our new vaporizers at Get ready to elevate your vaping game to a whole new level!