Product Spotlight: Exxus MiNovo for the Best Flavors of Your Oils

Jan 18, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Product Spotlight with Exxus MiNovo resting in fruit bowl in front of white background

Compact at its finest! The Exxus MiNovo continuously becomes everyone’s favorite vaporizer for their oil cartridges. The MiNovo is prominently known as the collaborated product by Exxus Vape and SMOK. With such a unique and beautiful body, the MiNovo provides advanced features that will bring out distinct flavors of your favorite oils. From four voltage settings to LED light indicators, the MiNovo has everything you need to complete a session. Powered by a 470mAh battery, the MiNovo also includes a USB cable for fast charging capabilities. Here’s why you need the MiNovo:

Exxus MiNovo in woman's hands with blue background

Temperature Control

Whether you desire luscious clouds for your sessions or just the lightest tastes of your oils, the MiNovo lets you control your temperature. If you like to take charge of how your oils warm up, consider the MiNovo as it provides four variable settings (3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, and 4.0V) for you to choose from.

Exxus MiNovo resting on wooden desk near iPhone and empty cartridge

Stylish and Portable

The exterior of a vaporizer is essential—you want a vape different from everybody else! The MiNovo is a collaborated device by Exxus and the one and only, SMOK. As a collaborated piece, the MiNovo is a well-designed 3-inch device that also features LED light indicators for clarifying the levels of voltages. The MiNovo comes in five colors: Unicorn, Black Cobra, Gold Cobra, Full Color Cobra, and Cosmic Black-Gold Cobra.

Exxus MiNovo in hand in a car near the steering wheel

Fast and Convenient

We want to provide you with the easiest and fastest way to puff your oils! The MiNovo features a 10-second preheat functionality and includes two magnetic rings. Its magnetic rings are compatible with any 510-thread oil cartridge and will quickly snap on to the device for the smoothest hits to ever experience.


From its trendy build to its efficient technicality, the Exxus MiNovo has everything you can think of to achieve the best sessions. The MiNovo not only performs well, but it is also one of the most favorite devices on the market. Check out more of our portable vaporizers at!