How to Clean the Exxus GO Plus

Feb 7, 2024by Julianne Bautista

How to Clean the Exxus GO Plus

Congratulations! You have been enjoying your dab sessions with the Exxus GO Plus—a true customer favorite. When you notice that your GO Plus device is filled with old wax residue, it is time for a clean-up. The GO Plus Concentrate Vaporizer has a coil-less quartz tank, 5200mAh battery, and 932°F for extremely high temperatures. With so many advanced features, a weekly clean-up is recommended (mostly if you take dabs daily). Here’s how to clean your GO Plus:

Step 1: Disassembling & Wiping

Begin by removing the glass bubbler and detaching the coil-less quartz cup from the base. Grab a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to delicately wipe away any accumulated debris or residue. When you finish wiping the chamber, put it aside and let it dry for better results.

For bubbler maintenance, fill the mouthpiece with isopropyl alcohol until a quarter of the unit is filled. Next, rinse the alcohol away and pour water into the mouthpiece to flush out any remaining residue. To expel excess water from the bubbler, blow through the mouthpiece and gently shake the device. Allow the glass bubbler to air dry as well.

Make sure to also clean the screw connection using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Let it air dry completely before reattaching the heating chamber.

Step 2: Dried & Ready for Attachment

Once time has passed and all components are completely dried, the first thing you’ll need to attach is its coil-less quartz cup. Then, magnetically connect the bubbler to the base and ensure the carb cap and tether are also attached.

Step 3: Choose Your Temperature & Take a Puff!

The Exxus GO Plus may seem complicated to clean, but we promise it’s as easy as one, two, three! It all takes time and patience. If you’re the kind of dabber who enjoys luscious clouds from your extracts, we recommend going all out and reaching your temperature to the highest. However, if you enjoy savoring the potency and flavors of your concentrates, we suggest keeping your temperature to a minimum level. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a puff!

Man holding Exxus Go Plus with carb cap open over science table

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