How Do I Stop Losing My Vape?

Mar 6, 2024by Ian Black

How Do I Stop Losing My Vape?

Finding yourself spending as much time looking for your vape as you are using it? Well take a look at a couple of tips from Exxus Vape and never waste your time playing “Where's Vape-o” again! 

A Designated Spot

It’s ten P.M. Do you know where your vape is? No? Have you checked your designated spot? There it is! This could be your daily experience if you follow our advice and create a dedicated spot in your living space where you can place your vape whenever you're done with it. This could be a bowl on your counter, a tray by the door, or even a special cabinet; no matter where you choose, the goal is to have a defined location that your brain will automatically look to when you need your vape. While it may take a couple days to get into the habit, once you have adjusted it will become part of your routine and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of always knowing where your vape is, no matter the time.

Stuck On You

Are you the kind of person who needs things strapped to them to not lose them? Well have no fear because some vaporizers, such as our Exxus Rec, come with built in key chain links so that you can add your favorite vape to your key ring or to its own designated lanyard. Increase both the visibility of your vape and it’s grabability by making it another link in the chain of your routine and make use of attachment capabilities at every chance you get.

Keys resting on a table with a lanyard attached

Build Good Mental Habits

Wallet, phone, keys, …vape. No you don’t have to memorize this mantra, but you could if you wanted right? Take your pick on how you remember but we recommend doing a mental checklist whenever you are about to head out for an adventure. A simple last minute run through of everything you need will save you more often than you think and provide a great opportunity to make sure you have everything else you may need as well. 

Have a Back Up

While there is no current scientific data to back it up, the current hypothesis is that it’s easier to find a vape, when you already have a vape. How do we reckon this? Well to start, having a back up or spare vaporizer takes the pressure off of yourself if you are in a rush and looking to grab your vape before hitting the road. Check out the Exxus Slim 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer for an affordable backup that still has the power to satisfy all your needs. Avoid panic and anxiety by having a designated duplicate or similar vaporizer along with you to more calmly search and locate your desired vape.

Dodge These Black Holes for Vaporizers

Be proactive in your fight against losing your vape and watch out for some of these repeat offenders. Common traps for your vape typically stem from them slowly falling out of your pocket while seated into your couch crevices, car seat, and under your bed. Avoid these pitfalls by properly securing your vape or making use of your designated spot, that way you can skip digging around when you should be enjoying your sesh.

Man searching for something under his grey couch

Lost and Now Found

Never lose your vape again by creating your own designated placement spot, using your keychain, and investing in a backup vaporizer. Save yourself the stress and headache of rushing around to find your lost items and instead take these steps to say goodbye to lost vapes and hello to a fresh cloud. Be sure to check out our Exxus Blog page online for more helpful tips and good luck with your next sesh!