Cartridge VS. Concentrate Vapes: What’s The Difference?

Dec 28, 2022by Julianne Bautista

Exxus VRS in Cartridge mode in man's hands

Many beginner vapers don’t really know the difference between oil cartridges and wax concentrate vaporizers. Wax pens can deliver thicker concentrates, like shatter. In contrast, oil cartridge vapes are popular because of their easy-to-use functionality by just a simple twist. Both oil cartridge and concentrate vaporizers are affordable, compact and discreet, making them perfect for portable sessions. If you still can’t imagine the difference and similarities between oils and concentrate vapes, here’s what you need to know:

Exxus Snap VV Mini in woman's hands

What is a Vape Cartridge?

A cartridge is a cylindrical fitted extension for a vaping device that uses a 510-thread attachment. Vape cartridges are made to confine thick herbal oil extracts and can hold around 0.5-1.0 ml of material. Cartridges also usually have wicks made from ceramic rather than cotton. Moreover, a ceramic wick performs much better when it is used with thick oils—delivering a purer flavor.

Most vape cartridges do not have replaceable atomizer coils. Usually, you will need to refill a vape cart until its quality of flavor is burnt or no longer produce any taste; you may dispose of this afterwards. Pre-filled cartridges are also available and are disposable when it is empty. Check out our refillable oil cartridges for your convenience!

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What is a Concentrate Vape?

Wax concentrate vapes have a stronger battery inside, making their exterior a bulkier build. Wax vapes’ temperatures can reach from 315-700℉, allowing you to have a personalized session for a specific concentrated material.

Wax vapes are more significant than cartridge vaporizers, because they require you to oftenly clean the chamber and replace atomizers. However, the potency produced by wax pens is a great option as it delivers a broader amount of clouds during sessions. The strength of vaporizing wax provides odorless sessions and the ability to adjust temperature levels.

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Cartridge and wax pens have a few things in common, such as portability and battery life. In addition, they are incredibly great for on-the-go uses and can easily fit in small pockets. Each type of vape pen can be found in various styles, colors and shapes, just like the Exxus Snap VV Mini, VRS 3-in-1, and Mini Plus. Check out more concentrate vaporizers and oil cartridge devices on