How to Clean Exxus Oil Cartridge Vaporizers 101

10 ene 2024by Julianne Bautista

How to Clean Exxus Oil Cartridges Vaporizer 101

For everyday vapers, maintaining a clean vaping device is important to avoid nasty, undesirable tastes. While cleaning may not be the preferred activity when you only want to take puffs from your device, it is best to clean your vaporizer to optimal performance, durability, and longevity. This practice is particularly needed if you take your vaporizer with you as an accessory.

For oil cartridge vaping, it is essential to keep your device clean after every use. To many oil cartridge enthusiasts, the idea that regular cleaning is necessary might come as a surprise. Think about where your device is going, and also think about the times you may have shared your vape with people. Yuck! With that being said, take the time to go over our easy, simple steps to keeping your cartridge vaporizer clean. Keep reading to find the solution that suits you best.

But First, What is 510 Thread?

The term "510 thread" refers to the threading commonly used in the connection between vape cartridges and batteries. The number "510" corresponds to the specific measurement of the thread pitch, indicating the standardized size and threading style. This threading system has become an industry standard, allowing for compatibility and interchangeability between various components, such as vape pens, batteries, and cartridges. The 510 thread has become widely adopted in the vaping community, providing a universal connection for seamless sessions.

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How to Clean Exxus 510 Cartridge Vaporizers

Our cartridge vaporizers are unique! Many of our vaporizers, like the Exxus Snap VV, Exxus RIZO, and Exxus Palm Pro, have 510-thread adapters that can be easily attached to your chosen oil cartridge. The 510 adapters, being magnetic and petite, can occasionally accumulate residue from your cartridge, leading to their contamination.

Just like the latest Exxus Snap VV Pro, a one-of-a-kind feature is that some of our vaporizers have an LED screen that lets you see your desired temperature/voltage setting. With daily vaping, you may observe your vaporizer developing a slick, slimy sensation, often attributed to the natural oils on your fingers. This kind of issue can lead to blurriness on your screen.

At Exxus, we want to give you true, ultimate sessions with our products. So here are the step-by-step instructions for keeping your Exxus cartridge vaporizers tidy at all times:

Step 1: Turn Off Your Exxus Cartridge Vaporizer

Make sure to switch off your vaporizer by pressing the power button five times rapidly. First, put your vaporizer aside and let it rest. You do not want to clean your device when it is warm.

Step 2: Unattach the Magnetic Adapters (if applicable)

If your chosen Exxus vaporizer has a 510-thread magnetic adapter, take it out slowly and steadily (it may be covered with residue, mostly if you have not cleaned it in a while). After removing the magnetic adapter, take a small cup and create a mixture of equal parts alcohol and water for dilution. Submerge your adapters in this solution and allow them to soak for approximately ten minutes.

Once the adapters are spotless, let them air dry or simply wipe them with a cloth or paper towel.

Step 3: Wipe Down the LED Screen (if applicable)

Then, if your vape has an LED screen, use a damp wipe to clean the outside of your device gently. Make sure the lights or numbers are bright and ready for another session!

Step 4: Drying is Important

Allow all components cleaned with alcohol to dry thoroughly. You really need to be careful when you are cleaning your device as you do not want to inhale any unwanted substance. Use a dry paper towel to wipe away any leftover residue and let it completely dry.

Step 5: Turn It On and Puff!

If needed, assemble your vaporizer back to your favorite cartridge, quickly press it five times, choose your preferred temperature, and take a big inhale for the most precious clouds of Exxus.

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An Overview of Cleaning Exxus Vapes

Exxus Vape is dedicated to delivering comprehensive vaping expertise and support. Whether searching for the ideal vaporizer that matches your preferences, needing to know how to clean a specific device, or looking to enhance your vaping experience without breaking the bank, our primary goal is to guarantee your satisfaction. Look into our Vaporizer Blog for in-depth insights and invaluable information.